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Our COR is a industry-leading worker certified health and safety program.

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Every project is unique and we take the time to do it right the first time.

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Work with a team of individuals skilled in professional planning and execution.

Working together to build a better community

We’re here to build up the Comox Valley and surrounding areas by consistently delivering excellent work that benefits our communities for generations to come.

We strive to be the best employer in the Comox Valley. Building a stronger community together, we’ll treat your job as if it were our own. We take the headaches out of your project, help you plan ahead, save time and money.

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Image of a Vactor 2100 Plus truck with white and black exterior, equipped with large metal tanks and hoses. The truck is beside a white vehicle and parked near utility poles and wires.


Our trucks provide you with a safe, productive and non-destructive method of excavating. We utilize high-pressure water and a vacuum system to safely excavate around utilities and pipelines or other sensitive areas.


A worker operates a machine to pour gravel into a trench on the side of a residential street, with houses and a white pickup truck in the background.


Save time and labour costs by placing aggregate where you want it with our Slinger.


A street sweeper vehicle from Edgett Excavating is cleaning a parking lot.


A well-maintained parking lot not only makes a good first impression it can actually make a big difference in the durability and longevity of your parking lot.


A diverse range of development services

Whether it’s subdivision development, multi-family home site servicing, home foundation excavations, demolition contracting, land clearing, land development or road building, we’ve got the experience, professional operators and equipment to get the job done.

A comprehensive range of services, our extensive truck fleet and equipment have made us an industry leader. We’re also specialists in the installation and repair of underground utilities including everything from water, storm and sanitary sewers to electrical and telecommunication ducting.

An orange excavator is loading dirt into the back of a dump truck at a construction site

Land Clearing

Construction site with heavy machinery including a bulldozer, a small excavator, and a white pickup truck on a dirt surface.


Truck for Hydro Excavation Services in Vancouver Island


Workers in safety gear guide a backhoe operator placing concrete blocks at a construction site


An orange Hitachi excavator transfers dirt into a dump truck while a worker in a safety vest walks nearby in a residential area.

Custom Work

An excavator from Edgett Excavating Ltd. deposits debris into a dump truck.


A construction worker wearing a helmet and safety vest shovels soil while an excavator digs in a residential yard.

Backyard Projects

An excavator operates on a rocky riverbank beside a metal sheet pile wall. The machine's arm extends over the water, grasping a large object.


A blue dump truck with a Nutri-conn container parked on a street, adjacent to a tree, and next to construction equipment and safety cones.


Sustainable operations

Our mission is to support our clients and our communities by making the most of every resource available. We strongly believe in making our operations as sustainable and responsible as possible, and we’re launching several initiatives to help us achieve this goal.

We aim to improve infrastructure in the Comox Valley and surrounding areas while also ensuring that we’re not doing any harm for future generations.

Featured projects

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Key Project Showcase: Holiday Inn Express, Courtenay

Key Project Showcase: Holiday Inn Express, Courtenay

Edgett Excavating proudly announces the successful launch of the Holiday Inn Express on Hunt Road in Courtenay. This project was successful because of the strong team working to over come the complex challenges that came with this project. As a subcontractor to...

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Noel Avenue Upgrading Project

Noel Avenue Upgrading Project

Project Completion Date: November 2019.

Our crews upgraded road, sidewalk and utilities along Noel Avenue from Pritchard Road to Torrence Road. Including the addition of a bike lane and the culvert replacement in Brooklyn Creek.

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Cannabis Innovation Centre

Cannabis Innovation Centre

Project Completion Date: December 2019.

We completed the on-site and off-site underground utilities for the seven acre site on Military Road, near the Knight Road roundabout. The $20 million first phase included a 21,000 square-feet of greenhouse.

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Liz Friiz · Glacier View Lodge


We called and within a day the crew arrived to look at the job and provide some info on how best to accomplish our work. The crew was here within 2 days to carry out the work. They were professional, skilled, fast and efficient. On behalf of Glacier View Lodge, thanks for a job well done!

Sé Paterson


These guys are fast, efficient, and professional. The apartment parking lot where I live needed to be replaced and in three days they've torn up the old pavement (big job in this parking lot) and are finishing the leveling and nearly ready to repave. They work hard all day and get the job done. I'm impressed and would happily recommend them to anyone.

Industry news

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Keeping COVID Safe

Keeping COVID Safe

Our team has made many adjustments to work safely within our new guidelines which have come from the Provincial Government, WorkSafe BC and recommendations from the Vancouver Island Construction Association.

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Edgett Excavating Secures BCCSA COR™ Certification

Edgett Excavating Secures BCCSA COR™ Certification

At Edgett Excavating we believe that accident prevention is both a moral obligation and good business. The protection of our employees, the public, and the environment is essential to the efficient and successful completion of every project.

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