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Edgett Excavating’s Hydro Excavation Division has been servicing Vancouver Island since 2008. With single axle, tandem axle and tri-axle trucks, we have the right size truck for your job site. Our selection of trucks and dependable team make Edgett Hydro Excavating the smart choice. We back up our Hydro Excavators with an unrestrained commitment to quality and service.

Our trucks provide you with a safe, productive and non-destructive method of excavating. We utilize high-pressure water and a vacuum system to safely excavate around utilities and pipelines or other sensitive areas. Our personnel are trained in safe practice procedures and arrive with the equipment and tools to complete the job.

Sign Installation – We can create a hole for sona tubes to required depth without worry of striking existing underground utilities

Pole Excavation – If you are adding a street sign, street light or power pole, our trucks help you dig with minimal mess or risk to existing utilities

Utility Locating – Safely expose existing utilities including Gas, Water, Storm, Sewer, Electrical or Fibre lines.

Utility Repair – Time is of the essence when a pipe has burst, our team can create a safe work environment to allow a repair crew to complete their work.

Line Flushing – Our high-pressure rodders allow for cleaning out storm or sanitary sewer lines to clear blockages and prevent costly back-ups.

Catch Basins – We provide full-service cleaning of street and parking lot catch basins.