Our Trucks

Edgett Excavating’s dirt-moving fleet has been designed to be able to adjust to a variety of haul distances, site conditions and haul material. Whether the job requires tandem axle gravel trucks complete with a trailer or just a single axel gravel truck, our fleet has many different options.

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A well-maintained parking lot not only makes a good first impression but also makes a significant difference to the durability and longevity of your parking lot.

Our Elgin Geovac sweeper enables us to accommodate a wide range of projects – from small multifamily parking lots to large-scale retail shopping centres contracts and new construction project clean-up.

The Elgin Geovac sweeper is one of the quietest available because of an enclosed engine compartment and sound suppressing airflow. Whether it is a one-time or regular monthly service, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to help you develop a cleaning program that suits the specific needs of each property or project.

Available services:

  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Parking lot striping
  • Spring sand removal
  • Fall leaves program
  • Routine city street cleaning
  • Sweeping service
  • End of day sweeps
  • Construction site clean-up
  • New construction clean-up
  • Roadway vacuuming
  • Line painting prep

Hydro Excavation

Our trucks provide you with a safe, productive and non-destructive method of excavating. We utilize high-pressure water and a vacuum system to safely excavate around utilities, pipelines and other sensitive areas. Our personnel are trained in safe practice procedures and arrive with the equipment and tools to complete the job.

Available services:

Sign installation – We can create a hole for sona tubes to required depth without worry of striking existing underground utilities.

Pole excavation – If you are adding a street sign, streetlight or power pole, our trucks help you dig with minimal mess or risk to existing utilities.

Utility locating – Safely expose existing utilities including gas, water, storm, sewer, electrical or fibre lines.

Utility repair – Time is of the essence when a pipe has burst, our team can create a safe work environment to allow a repair crew to complete their work.

Line flushing – Our high-pressure rodders allow for cleaning out storm or sanitary sewer lines to clear blockages and prevent costly back-ups.

Catch basins – We provide full-service cleaning of street and parking lot catch basins.

Slinger Truck

Our slinger truck helps you place material in hard-to-reach places with accuracy. It has many uses including pipe bedding, foundation backfills, under slab fills, drainage systems, structural fills, landscaping, steep slopes and limited access areas (our truck can sling material up to 90-feet with accuracy).

Gravel Truck & Pup Trailer

Edgett Excavating’s gravel truck and pup trailer make transporting materials like soil, gravel, coal, demolition waste and other construction materials effortless. If you need to move construction material or waste for an upcoming project, contact us for one-off or ongoing rentals.

Low Bed Tractor Trailer

Edgett Excavating’s low bed tractor trailer is a semi-trailer with a lower bed height. This allows for large materials or equipment that would otherwise exceed height restrictions to be transferred. With a lower profile, oversized items and materials can be transported without running into any height restriction issues.

Water Trucks

Edgett Excavating’s water trucks are equipped with large tanks on the rear of the vehicle to contain the water. They also have hoses attached which can be used to distribute the water. Great for compacting soil, dust prevention, farming and more, contact us today to rent a water truck for your next project.